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.com gives us a one-year analysis of the oa administration. >> the idea that president obama and his team were able to somehow transform the map and transform the political geography of this country or the political demography of this country, that just doesn't look to be the case. they did redraw the map in 2008. it was an he norly impressive victory. but that doesn't mean that they have somehow fundamentally altered the landscape in permanent ways. >> and job grisham is here with a new book, a collection of short stories. >> it is more about people. more about the small town people. many of whom are struggling. many of whom have had a lot of miss erie, a lot of hope. it's about small town lawyers and the crazy things they do out of desperation. all stuff i saw firsthand many years ago. >> rose: mohamed elbaradei, john harris, john grisham next. >> funding for charlie rose has been provided by the k08ing -- following: captioning sponsored by rose communications from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. >> rose: mohamed elbaradei is here. after 12 years as directer general
. president obama and congressional democrats celebrated passing the house healthcare bill this weekend after liberals reluctantly accepted a compromise that restricted abortion funding. as jim angle reports, an even tougher challenge lies ahead once the legislation heads to the senate. >> the bill is passed. >> nancy pelosi was barely able to get the reform bill through the house but senators say the hard part is just beginning. >> anyone can offer any amendment on any subject in the senate,s whereas in the house, the amendments are limited greatly, and so therefore, if you thought it was hard in the house, it's going to be harder in the senate. >> as long as there's at least a half dozen democrats that don't want it, there might even be more than that. >> it was a bill written by liberals for liberals. the house bill is dead on arrival in the senate. look at how it passed, 220-215. >> five-vote margin because speaker pelosi lost 39 democrats who voted no. harry reid has to win all the democrats as well as independent senator joe lieberman and lieberman, like several democratic senators is o
. also, what does double digit unemployment mean for the obama agenda? we will ask our sunday panel, hume, liasson, kristol and powers. all right now on "fox news sunday." >> hello again from fox news in washington. we are following two major stories this sunday. first, late saturday night the house approved its version of healthcare reform with just two votes to spare by a margin of 220 to 251. jim engel has the story from capitol hill. jim? >> democratic leaders spent the last three days in furious behind the scenes negotiations because antiabortion democrats were threatening to vote against the bill which would have killed it. speaker nancy pelosi needed all 40 of the democrats who insist no federal money be spent on abortions. bart stupak and brad ellsworth refused to back down so ms. pelosi had no choice but to vote on their amendment. >> the speaker recognizes that members deserve the chance to vote their conscience and have their voices heard on this important matter. >> that angered abortion rights democrats and risked losing their votes. >> to to say this is a wolf in sheep's clo
administration. >> the idea that president obama and his team were able toomehow transform the map and transrm theolitical geography of this cntry or th political demogphy of this country, that just doesn't lo to be the case. they did redraw the mapn 2008. was an he norly imprsive victory. but that doesn't mean that ey have somehow fundamentally alter the lascape in permanent way >> and job gsham is here with a n book, a collection of sht stories. >> it is mor about people. more about the small town people. many of om are struggling. many of whom have had aot of ms eri, a lot of he. it's about small town lawyers and the crazy things th do out of desperaon. all stuff i saw firsthand many years ago. >> rose: mohamed elbaradei, john harris, joh grisham next. >>unding for charlie rose s been provided by the k08ing -- followin captioning sponsed by rose cmunications from our sdios in new york city, this is charlie rose rose: mohamed elbaradei is here. after 12years as directer general of the united nations nuclear watchdog the international atomic energy agency, will step down at the d ofhis month
has mr. obama accomplished? joining us, new york times' columnist, david brooks, washington post columnist, e.j. dionne, msnbc's rachel maddow and ed gillespie. >>> and our "meet the press minute," 20 years ago the berlin wall is torn down. tom brokaw is the only journalist from a major news organization to broadcast those world changing events live. today he joins us from the very spot where the wall once stood. >>> but first, 13 dead and more than 30 injured after army psychiatrist major nadal kasan. investigators have concluded that the shooting rampage was not part of a terrorist plot. here this morning to talk about how this tragedy is affecting our troops, we are joined by the chief of staff, general george casey. general, welcome to "meet the press." i want to express my condolences for the fallen troops and their families this morning. >> thank you very much. >> i want to ask you about the investigation, though i know you can't say very much. the key piece "the new york times" is reporting this morning was major hasin acting alone or was this part of a larger part? >> i c
>>> this morning on "early today," shifting focus. president obama turns up the heat on the senate after the house narrowly passes a historic health care reform bill. >>> blast from he past. a landmark hotel in kentucky comes crashing down. >>> and foul play. a women's soccer player faces the music after some nasty moves on the field. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> hello and good morning, everyone. i'm dan kloeffler. >>> and today we begin with a second opinion. after narrowly passing the house on saturday, next it is the senate's turn to take up sweeping legislation that would reshape the nation's health care system. but with the so-called public option still facing some pretty tough debate, the prognosis for this plan is anything but clear. nbc's brian mooar reports. >> reporter: at the white house, president obama acknowledged his bigge political victory since taking office, the house passage of a sweeping health care reform bill. >> i know this was a courageous vote for many members of congress. >> the bill is passed. >> reporter: democrats won with just two
on behind you, craig? >> the soldiers are calling this fort day obama. these are the containers that are used for the soldiers. they store their gear in these containers. they are being retasked as a security ko core done for obama visit for the memorial of the 13 soldiers. >> tucker carlson is in dc and fox business associate john stock land is here with me in new york. tucker, what's your take? is lieberman right is this muslim terrorism? >> we don't know. there are indications he was a devout muslim maybe a muslim extremist. i don't think we can answer that with any certainty. i am amazed the press was down-playing his muslim affiliation and what motivated him that he was a victim of ptsd never been in combat must have got it from soldiers debriefing. all of this was forced on television viewers to divert away from what may be an explanation. he's a religious coupe. >> i don't know what motivates him john stossel but to suggest he's a terrorist doesn't that open the necessity that he conspires with someone that he has some communication? as far as i know his links show -- com
more. >> [inaudible] martha: president obama and mrs. obama will attend, and the president will speak, according to general colin. he went over a number of issues including that they have increased security. he believes this was an isolated incident, would not answer many questions specifically about nidal hasan. rick leventhal is with us that fort hood -- at fort hood. what is the devil take away of what the general had to say? >> clearly, that the memorial services were met for the families. there was sort of a joking question about whether or not we would be a bit to see the service because there is a massive security wall here. this area will hold up to 3000 people, but we are told that cameras will be allowed to capture the words of president obama. we also hear that the fbi is continuing to go over the evidence. they are also here with a special shooting team to recreate the steps that hasan took. again, nidal hasan is awake and speaking in the hospital, but officials will not tell me if he has answered questions from the fbi agents, or from investigators at the criminal investi
not fit with what president obama wanted, but there was a big step. >> norm, thank you very much. >> jim: in other news today -- >> lehrer: in other news today, wall street shot higher after 20 leading nations agreed over the weekend to continue economic stimulus efforts. the dow jones industrial average gained 203 points to close near 10,227. the nasdaq rose 41 points to close at 2154. iraq has set a date for national elections, next january 21. on sunday, parliament approved a law needed to organize the voting after weeks of deadlock. today the electoral commission set the actual date. any major delay in the elections could have slowed the u.s. military pullout. also today, the u.s. army reported two helicopter pilots were killed yesterday in a crash. there was no indication of hostile fire. americans accused a senior prosecutor in iran accused three americans of espionage today. the three have been held since july. relatives said they were hiking in iraq and accidentally strayed across the border into iran. in germany today, secretary of state clinton called for their immediate releas
from verizon. >> president obama will visit fort hood. >> there are reports that nidal hasan is off of a ventilator and able to speak. they will not say if investigators have been able to question him. he has the latest. >> there is a sense that the shock is beginning to wear off for many. >> we are entering a new phase here. this is where i am concerned. this has to do with this heeling phase. >> this includes tomorrow's memorial. family members of all of the people killed in the attack will be part of the memorial after a private meeting with president obama. victims from the hospital will be recognized as well. the commander says that it will be a traditional military memorial. >> we will have a short sermon and conclude with some music. then the traditional roll call of the names of the dead. >> the tribute is just the start to what will be a long and difficult recovery. >> the entire resources of the united states army are at the disposal of fort hood. >> there is this fear that this post, and their home, is no longer safe and secure. as the victims look for answers, so do the
on behalf of president obama and the united states of america. >> and the u.s. was represented by secretary of state hillary clinton who, after our own speech, a introduced a video message. let me introduce a message from president barack obama. >> today and there are still those who live within the walls of tehrani, human beings deny the very human rights we celebrate today. that is why this day is for them as much as it is for us. it is for those who believe even in the face of cynicism and doubt and oppression, that walls controlling come down. >> for german chancellor angela merkel there were personal memories, as an east german she was one of those who crossed the new border in november of 1989. >> for may, it was one of the most joyful days of my life. and ladies and gentlemen, it was a pivotal time of change, something we know today. that brought closer together in germany, europe, and indeed the whole world. >> then along a stretch where the wall once stood, and line of dominoes symbolized how that barrier had crumbled. former polish solidarity leader had been chosen to set off a fa
barrier. president obama and the first lady will attend the service for those killed. the names of the 13 victims will be read along with a 21 gun salute. we will continue to bring you the latest on the conditions of the alleged shooter and the victims in the hospital. for more on the forehead shooting, go to >> the execution of the mastermind of a 2002 sniper attack is set for tomorrow. the supreme court refused to block the scheduled execution of john allen muhammad. the court did not comment on why they ruse to consider his appeal. was sentenced to death. members of the investigation tax force will be present for the -- task force will be present for the execution along with many victims' familmembers. >> the victims will get some solace and i am hopeful that the market's action will serve as a deterrent for someoneelse may be like-minded. >> john allen muhammad and his teenage accomplice, lee boyd malvo -- lee boyd malvo is serving a life sentence. >> three americans in iraq are going to be charged with espionage. that's simply crossed over and it -- into iran. they were arr
and west germany and came down 20 years ago today. >>> president obama tries to get middle east peace back on track during a meeting this evening with israeli prime minister netanyahu. relations between the two countries have been strained since israel refused to a u.s. demand to stop building west bank settlements. >>> subways and buses are rolling again in philadelphia and its suburbs. a nearly week-long transit strike ended overnight. >>> and it is officially barack obama day in central alabama. perry county is marking one year since the election of barack obama as the nation's first black president. in addition to a parade there government offices are closed and county employees get a paid holiday. >>> for some of you your local news is next. >>> for everyone else, "america this morning" continues after this. - once, during a difficult time in my life, my mom gave me some advice. to love, to hope, to the world. those words changed my life and inspired my open hearts collection at kay jewelers. kay was the perfect choice to help me and eternal. you were right, mom. keep your heart open,
. hood, texas. >>> president obama called the house vote on health care reform courageous. the house passed the herb by the slimmest of margins on saturday, but even some house members who voted for the will say the vote against a final version inside amendments are made. and in the senate, contentious issues like the pin option and abortion look to derail the bill even before the debate begins. tara mergener is in washington with details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning about. well, as you know, there was a lot of drama leading up to that very close house vote. next stop, the senate. >> the bill is passed. >> reporter: house democrats have managed to squeeze new a health care reform bill, but that may have been the easy part. >> the house bill is dead on arrival in the senate. >> reporter: under the house plan, 36 million uninsured americans would get coverage. the bill would cost $1.2 trillion over ten years. but it will cut $400 billion from medicare costs. opponents argue the measure will cost job, raise insurance rates and lead to huge tax increases. the senate needs mor
and why this happened. this grieving community will pause tuesday as thousands, including president obama, are expected to gather here for a memorial to honor the injured and fallen. jay gray, nbc news, ft. hood. >> officials still refuse to say tonight whether hasan is talking to investigators. >>> at least 91 people are dead, many more are missing. hurricane ida ravaged el salvador last night. heavy rains and 90 mile per hour winds caused massive flooding and mud slides. 7,000 people are in shelter. the death toll is expected to rise as rescue workers make their way into hard to reach areas devastated by the storm. >>> meanwhile people here in the united states are preparing for the possibility hurricane ida could hit the gulf coast. chuck's here with more on that. >> that's right. yes, indeed. a clear sky over washington right now. we are watching out for all eyes on ida down in the gulf coast. let's go ahead and check out our weather graphics computer. all eyes on ida, indeed. watches and warnings have already been posted. tropical storm and hurricane watches and warnings posted along
: rachel martin, abc news, washington. >>> president obama and israeli prime minister netanyahu discussed the mideast this morning at the white house. relations between the two countries have been strained since israel rejected a white house demand to stop building or expanding settlements into the west bank. the palestinians say israel has taken over land they intended for a future state. >>> 20 years ago this morning, east germany brought down the iron curtain that had divided east and west for nearly decades. >> hard to believe it's been two decades since that. but today, the people of the united germany will celebrate with candlelight memorials and concert featuring beethoven and bon jovi. >> reporter: the berlin wall, perhaps the most brutal symbol of the cold war, came down swiftly with this historic, earth-shattering announcement. >> east germans are free to cross all east german border checkpoints including those into west berlin. >> reporter: on november 9th, 1989, more than 10,000 east germans crossed the border into west berlin. the ironurtain had been lifted. >> it's unthinkab
in colorado springs. >>> president obama tries to move the middle east peace process forward this evening at the white house. >> he meets with israeli prime minister netanyahu to soothe a strained relationship between the two countries. simon mcgreggor-wood is joining us from jerusalem with more on what's at stake. good morning, simon. >> reporter: there will be a meeting between president obama and the is rail lie prime minister netanyahu. the view here is the prime minister was made to sweat at this meeting. when he got on a plane to address this important jewish conference in washington he didn't know whether or not he was going to meet the president at the white house or not. late last night the white house announced there would be a meeting, a short one, late tonight well after the israeli tv bulletins are off the air. the message here is simply that the relations between the white house and this administration here in israel are strained to say the least. i think the white house people are saying, according to israeli sources, that the prime minister made the mistake of trying to in
this by the end of the year, something president obama is pushing for. live on capitol hill, sarah simmons, fox 5 news. back to you. >>> checking other local headlines being an unusual accident at dulles airport. a people mover and plane were moving side by side down a taxiway when the pilot reported the driver of the mobile lounge veered to the right striking the plane's wing. aircraft is out of service for repairs. none of the more than two dozen people on the mobile lounge were injured. >>> now to the district where neighbors gathered in an outpouring of support for a woman known asthma ma. while they held a sin ill, police searched for whoever killed her. somebody robbed her stare on georgia avenue. she handed over the money but the robbers still shot her multiple times. >>> justice will come from a man who terrorized the d.c. metro area if everything goes as planned. john muhammed is set for lethal injection. technically, this is an execution for the murder of dean meyers in manassas. >>> new this morning, a police chase in the district and shots were fired. coming up next, we'll tell you wh
with president obama. families of the wounded and victims released from the hospital will be recognized as well. as fortunate ceremony itself the commander at ft. hood says it will be a traditional military memorial. >> it'll be a short sermon and it'll conclude with some music and then the traditional roll call, the names of the dead and it'll have a "21-gun salute." >> reporter: but the tribute just the start of what will be a long and difficult recovery here. >> needing the entire resources of the united states army are at the disposal of ft. hood. >> reporter: for many, one of the most trying issues is getting past the fear that this post, their home, is no longer safe or secure. as the victims and this shattered community look for answers so do investigators. there is word now the suspected gunman major nidal malik hasan is conscious and talking and though his attorney wants to make sure those conversations are limited. >> until i meet with my client i've advised appropriate military officials that no interviews, no interrogations should be conducted by law enforcement. >> reporter: right
and to confront those who hide behind them. [ applause ] gretchen: president obama drawing criticism for not attending the intrasmghts he traveled to copenhagen for the olympic bid but not to germany. gretchen: less than 24 hours to go before john mormd is to be executed. they are petition are tim kaine for clemency, that is eye highly unlikely. mohammed and lee boyd maf vo terrorized the d.c. in the fall of 2002, killing 10 people. more than 1,000 toyota and lexus owners reported their vehicles sped up for no reason since 19 1 causing 19 deadly crashes. the highway safety traffic administration previously disclosed 100 such incidents. recalling 4 million vehicles because the floor mats could jam the gas pedal. 9-year-old boy being hailed as a hero for fighting off a carjacker. me leak medford and their brother are sitting in a car in west virginia while their mom went into a convenience store and that's when the carjacker struck. >> a man just came and opened the door and he told me to get out but i didn't get out and i yanked the keys out of the ignition and i had them like this. a
>>> health care reform. president obama prepare for a dog fight in the senate. >>> metro track safety. new allegations are thrown at metro transit raising questions about your rover overall safety while riding the trail -- rails. >>> and a new bus service. an alternative to driving around construction zones. thanks for joining us. today is november 9th. buddy check nine day. call your buddy and remind them about early detection and what they can do that may help to save their life. right now we turn to howard on the latest on the forecast. >> another good looking day around here. 70s yesterday and a lot of clouds heading our way. it will give us some hazy sunshine and perhaps a pretty sunset as they filter the light nicely. the thicker clouds tonight and tomorrow. right mao 41 manassas. 54 in winchester. that's one of our warmest spots but cambridge has 55 and we have annapolis at 52. had a touch of fog earlier. that pretty much bumped off. temperatures today well above the average. and we are looking at highs of 70. and by 5:00, 72 with a high somewhere 74, 75. really nice. ch
. there is a link at the top of the home page. >> a much anticipated plan from president obama for the chesapeake bay was put in place by the informant told protection agency. states that do not apply could face penalties. >> this is the big overhaul up a regulation that has been expected since the obama administration took over in washington. it seeks to end the culture of business that has been failing the chesapeake bay for the last 30 years. with the chesapeake bay growing more set by the day, state efforts to save that it had been admitted long-term. >> when you set a goal back in 20042010, it is easy to go away -- back in 2000 for 2010, it is easy to go away. >> it is almost 2010, and the goals have not been met. >> we always set long-term goals. this hold us accountable on a timeframe where people do not forget. >> epa tenpounder states for not meeting goals by rejecting state approve permits or withholding funding for state environmental programs. milestones will have to be met every two years. it focuses increase regulation on farm and storm water runoff sources. >> this is something tha
la mayoría del senado especialmente los del presidente obama, está aún por presentar la versión final de la reforma al cuidado de la slutdz salu salud y el prk que deberá ya tomar la batuta. el presidente aún quiere q esto se logre antes de finunivi llevarle el proyecto de ley al presidente ante de las navidades >>> ya trabaja en los más difícil asegurar 60 tos, 58 demócratas y 2 índiindependient dentindependientes por lo menos. el plan del senado tendrá un seguro aunque no igual a la versión de la cámara aquí se daría la opción a los estados de no participar pero hay serias objeciones de ambos partidos que podrían costar votos. la única republicana a bordo, olimpia se arrepintió sugiria otra formula. >>> sí en 5 años las personas no pueden comprar seguro, no está funcionando entonces, eso va hacer sí entonces tenemos una opción mala y es una manera de limar esas diferencias va hacer difícil. >>> el tema causó esta deserción social. >>> no permitiré que este proyecto vaya avo taci votación porque creo que quebrará al país y nos podrán en una peor recesión
is fading quickly for president obama. democrats are realizing that the bill they fought so hard to pass in the house will have a tough time in the senate. republicans have already said that the house bill is dead on arrival in the senate. tara mergener has more. >> the bill is passed. >> reporter: house democrats have managed to squeeze through a health care reform bill, but that may have been the easy part. >> the house bill is dead on arrival in the senate. >> reporter: under the house plan, 36 million uninsured americans would get coverage. the bill would cost $1.2 trillion over ten years, but it will cut 400 billion from medicare costs. opponents argue the measure will cost jobs, raise insurance rates and lead to huge tax increases. the senate leads -- needs more than just a simple majority to clear the bill. all 58 democrats and two independents have to be on board but several are still at odds over government-run health insurance. >> if the public option plan is in there as a matter of conscience i will not allow this bill to come to a final vote. >> reporter: senate majority lea
-noia, not as many czars as obama. nobody wants to go through the confirmation process. that may be a couple hundred thousand kids and hope they enjoy themselves at the spas, but the broader economy is much bigger than that and that's about community colleges. i don't think the costs are that high there and we've got to expand education to those places more than worry about these spas. >> and if your complaint is high tuition at some elite schools, the way to handle that, stop taxpayer subsidies for students because that increase as demand for the schools and causes them to raise rates and a lot of that-- >> you're talking about the government sponsored loans, you cut them out? >> absolutely, why should taxpayers, middle class families be subsidizing the education of other students? most of that money doesn't go towards better education, it goes towards these fat cat professors that stay there and do the crazy studies. >> i want to move to-- >> and the professors, neil, the mott tomorrow line, a lot of americans depend on the loans. >> i'm not going to start picking on the nattering nay-bobs of the
. it is totally an obama district. it is just a freak accident that this republican was elected and i think he is fantacizing that this will give him a chance to be re-elected. i think that probably is a fantasy but that explains the one republican vote in the obama district. eric: if you read this article in "the wall street journal" it talks about mr. cowell from louisiana, the republican who voted for the house bill, and he says there is indication that he was looking for a $1.2 billion loan to be excused, of loans directed at hurricane katrina and he said he would vote for the bill if that was excused. this wheeling and dealing, $1.2 billion to buy one vote. this scares me. i don't want my taxpayer money to go there. >> right. well, it's a fair point. i think a lot of these congressmen are wren slaving their importance by claiming to have won all these deals. i think the overarching point -- i agree with your cynicism, if it were true, i think the truth of the matter is that congressmen know americans don't want national healthcare. they don't want their taxes to go up. they don't want the
military memorial. that means we'll have hyms, prayers and speakers and that should include president obama and at the end of the "21-gun salute" to have fallen it is sure know toto be an emotional >> we know that he's talking to doctors. when might police be able to talk to him? >> reporter: here's what i do know, pat. investigators want to talk to him as soon as possible. his attorney says we'll see how that shakes out but not until i get a chance to talk to him first. the attorney telling us that he was contacted by hasan's family today and agreed represent him. so i wouldn't think that that will be today certainly, because he's just going to meet with hasan and his family this afternoon. and understand that this is a guy who just got off of a ventilate thorweeke-- ventilato weekend. it's not something that he's up for apparently at this point as well. so physically he wouldn't be able to go through any type of interrogati interrogation, we're being told as well. it might be quite some time. >> jay, motive is still the big question in this case. do you know if investigators are any close
business. she cannot give up it's a legacy of obama and legacy of pelosi. if they give up now they're never going to get the vote. putting it on the table. >> dagen, now or never? >> that's their attitude. maybe they're trying to push it through because they know how bad the election next year is going to be. you miss the point for the two major democrats in new jersey and virginia in gubernatorial races there. rather than "animal house", it's like one flew over the cuckoo's nest. do you think that 750 billion dollars in new tax ins this health care bill is a good thing when the unemployment rate's north of 10%? >> so, adam. what would you make of that? you know, they realize that the clock is ticking, it's one second to midnight. if they don't get it done now, they'll never get it done? >> well, i think that everything about the john belushi character in that, from "animal house" those of us of a certain age know and love, is about being true to themselves. he thought he was doing the right thing. that was how they behaved. that was their mission, right shall was to go out and do it and i
the base will stop to honor those wounded and killed in the attack. president obama will be here to lead the service. security is tight for the visit. the army stacked shipping containers three stories high in an l-shape formation for privacy. >> our intent is to get as many who desire to come. >> reporter: they're assessing security within their own ranks, he was a soldier and clearly under stress. >> we invite you stay with us for more on the latist on the investigation, go to >>> a witness to a horrible workplace shooting in florida speaks out for the first time. sally live in the news room. >> reporter: the man says the shooting that left one person dead and five more injured lasted just one minute. on friday when former employee jason rodriguez came in shooting, his coworkers stayed calm and didn't stream. he first thought it was balloon poppings until he saw the gun. he was arrested in his mother's home and charged with first degree murder. >>> the suspect told detectives he blame the firm for stopping him from getting unemployment benefits. >>> she died when material
debate. republicans are pledging to stop the measure. president obama pushing the senate to act before the end of the year. >>> there is a provision that would allow states to choose whether to participate in any government-run of health care. bob mcdonnell says if given the option, the commonwealth of virginia will pops out. >> with a $1.2 trillion price tag, taking from medicare, it will ultimately increase choices -- decrease choices for families. >> virginia voted 7-4 against the bill. maryland voted 6-2 in favor of the bill. >>> the capitol christmas tree will arrive by the end of the month. it was cut down over the weekend and was placed on a huge flatbed truck. the tree will go on a statewide tour before finally arriving in d.c. on november 30. >> it looks like a nice one. >>> 47 degrees. >> per kaine ida is bringing heavy -- hurricane ida is bringing heavy winds. but there is a new way to get around some of the gridlock. >> we are live in the weather center. we have a beautiful day ahead of us. it could change by midweek. cooler temperatures. (announcer) in america we don't jus
on saturday. republicans are pledging to stop the measure from passing congress. president obama is pushing the senate to act before the end of the year. >>> there will be a provision for states to choose whether to participate in any government run health care option. bob mcdonnell says if given the option, the commonwealth will opt out. >> a i think with n/a $1.2 trillion price tag, taking from medicare, that it will ultimately increase costs. >> virginia voted 7-4 against the entire health care bill. maryland voted 6-2 in favor of the bill. >>> the capitol hill christmas tree will arrive at the end of the month. it was cut down over the weekend in arizona. it was placed on a huge truck. it will go on a statewide tour before arriving in d.c. on november 30. >> come and gone before you know it. >> with such warm weather this weekend. hard to believe we're talking about christmas trees. >>> it has been 20 years since the east and west reunited. we will look back at the anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall. >> there is a new way to get around some of the bumper to bumper gridlock. >> i
/11 hijackers. i'm katie couric. also tonight, president obama's big decision on afghanistan. david martin with the exclusive details of what the military will be getting to continue the fight against the taliban. a cbs news investigation. why so many rapists in this country are getting away with the crime. and "assignment america." they're ready to start their life together-- 50 years after a lie kept them apart. >> like the time had not past. it was amazing. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. he was initially counted among the dead in the massacre at fort hood, but today hospital officials said the army psychiatrist accused of killing 12 soldiers and a civilian is now well enough to sit up and talk. and investigators have a lot of questions for major nidal malik hasan. sources say the f.b.i. has now identified internet communications that link him to a radical islamic cleric with ties to al qaeda. we have two reports tonight, beginning with on orr in washington. >> reporter: the contacts began last weekend with
a lot of little dollars because that you get people involved. he would of all plotted obamas use of the internet to raise $25 contributions rabin and trying to get $250,000 investments. he wanted local people involved in the development of the university of louisville. today, if you ask the dean at the university of louisville law school, they consider themselves a second tier law school but one of the best of the second tier. there also a law school that has required public service component to their curriculum. host: how much was he responsible for the pro bono section of law schools today? guest: he almost invented pro bono. he tells his fiancee, alice, when he is courting her, that he hopes that eventually he will do well in his law practice to give at least one hour per day of public service. he does well in his law practice. alice lincoln, one of his clients, came to him to represent her. she is a reformer and is appalled by the conditions of the boston hospital for the insane which was out on an island in boston harbor. brandeis went out there and he said was one of the wo
the fallen. >> we just gets stronger, become better united. >> president obama and the first lady will honor the fallen -- the fallen tomorrow at a memorial on the base. >> we have learned today that major is in stable condition -- that major hassan is in stable condition, but there is no word whether he will cooperate with officials. there's now a question about a mosque he attended at the same time as the 9/11 hijackers. abc news says that the imam is now in yemen and is one of the suspected al qaeda links hasan had contact with. three americans detained in iran are facing charges of espionage. authorities arrested the three hikers in july after they strayed across the border from iraq. the families say they were on our -- on a vacation and that they crossed the border accidentally. an opinion on their case will come soon. a new oversight report is not only raising questions about metro's safety, but concerns about the funding because of claims of independent monitors who were barred from walking the track to ensure safety. >> my initial reaction is, confusion. >> the report calls for noth
officers took him down. now, they are being hailed as heroes. tuesday, president barack obama will be here on post for a memorial service honoring the 13 people who were killed, 12 service members and one civilian and julie, i want to give you a quick look at some precautions going on here, a construction site, if you will, as crews put together a security wall and other preparations for the president's visit. julie. >> rick leventhal, thank you very, very much. today, joe lieberman calling the attacks, the most destructive on american soil since 9/11. and as the chairman of the senate homeland security committee, he says he plans to begin a congressional investigation into the attack. >> if the reports that we're receiving of various statements he made, the acts he took are valid, he had turned to islamist extremism. >> although some members of congress say, not to jump to conclusions. >> we live in a free and open society. you can be in the military and disagree with policy. what did his co-workers say about his behavior? how strong were the warning signals. at the end of the day, maybe
" today. i am not sure i would categorize that as a pro-president obama newspaper. >> they have 10. >> does that count as one? >> what was the president's reaction to the more than 2000- page health care bill that so few members read been passed by only five votes and costing more than $1 trillion, and which many democrats voted no. >> we could not be more pleased. [laughter] [unintelligible] ] >> spotty at best. >> does consensus and common ground -- this consensus in common ground impede the original mandate to cover all americans? >> i think the president believes that. in order to get many of the reforms the president has discussed, covering all americans is among those. >> so the suspect -- as the white house received information from federal agents -- has the white house received information from federal agents that he was a conscientious objector? >> again, i would refer you to the fbi with specific questions. >> in the issue of terror -- just terror. the unlawful use of force or violence by a person or organized group, also panic, an overwhelming feeling of fear and excitin
. barack obama promised that if we spent this massive stimulus plan, unemployment would not go above 8%. now it is at 10.2%. most frightening is the broader definition, underemployment. so many people with harvard mba's flipping burgers. we knew from the beginning that the stimulus would not work. i argued about this that monday morning with bob. this is simply a bailout for financially troubled blue states. it allowed liberal bureaucrats to spend money. never a good idea. it went to jobs that were temporary. this was not the way to create jobs. they are taking well from one part of the economy and transferring it to another. you can never expect progressive job growth when you do that. this money went to states doing pork-barrel projects. it went to pay down debt on programs like medicaid. juliet: bob, what do you say? supporters say that we are expecting too much, too soon. >> republicans are always so excited when these people are out of work. i never saw such glee in the republicans when we went over 10%. these are real people with real families that are really struggling. i know y
internet. broadband for america: it's working. >>> health care reform, president obama's push for a national health care overhaul comes to a screeching halt in the u.s. senate. welcome back to 9 news now. i'm andrea roan. thanks for joining us. this is the 9th of the month. buddy angie will have the traffic and other buddy howard will have the forecast. >> i try to support andrea in a little way and the tie is knots for hope. go to see the tie and buy them and contribute money to the susan g. komen foundation. let's talk about the weather cool in spots especially west of town. 36 manassas. we sit at 48 by over to andrews 42. easton and cambridge 43. frederick where it is 37. visibility is three quarters of a mile. don't be surprised in the next hour, 90 minutes we could get locally dense fog to form. today a good deal of sunshine and in the low to mid-70s before we are done. some changes after today that you may not like. 5:29. 48 degrees. >>> quick shout out to the herndon high school cheerleaders. they are going to state. little bias here. northbound branch avenue get you up
had a plenty of notice. >> this isn't a government takeover. >> president ow obama says the senate will follow in the footsteps of the house. >>> most of the maryland's congressman voted along party lines in favor of the bill, except for frank crit oweville. first representative is one of 39 democrats who voted against the bill. that is one the reasons passing the senate version will be a challenge. joel d smith has more on the historic vote that happened over the weekend, and what is next. >>> good morning, patrice, before there can be a vote at the senate, they still need one bill first. there's still several versions in the senate side. the stumbling block remain the idea of the government competing with the public insurers. that was considered a big victory in the house version. they say that millions of americans will be covered when the healthcare reform bill passes. and they believe that the version will cost too much and increase the federal deficit. what can we expect in the senate? it depends on who you ask. >> we will have to start to understand what is in the bill and n
he ran into a cagey 9-year-old kid. . >>> good morning. 11 minutes past the hour. president obama and the first lady will attend a memorial service tomorrow for the victims of the ft. hood shootings. 13 people were killed and we'll share the stories throughout the morning. this is the first time our viewers have been watching and we've been able to know who the victims were and learn about them. for example, specialist fred greene. >> that's right. all special people with special stories. specialist greene was 29 years old with a wife and two small children. friends and family in tennessee called him freddie. they say he grew up in church and knew the bible like the back of his hand. he joined the army just last year after the company where he works shut down. >> many of his fellow soldiers have told us he was the quiet professional of the unit, never complaining about a job given and often volunteering when needed. >> it's az heart-breaking thing to know he's gone, the way he had to lee this world, but i'm sure he's in a better place. but i hate, you know, it's heart-breaking. >>
is the president at the time will look back, despite what president obama has said about not looking back. we look back, because as a nation we want some precedent, we want to know what happened before. and if we don't make a record, if we don't determine to our best efforts what exactly happened, what transpired, what was right, what worked, what didn't work, then we will have missed this critically important opportunity on the part of our nation. finally, i would say, i think which legal office, who would be entrusted to set policy and to figure out the legal issues? daniel i would say the office of professional responsibilities is not equipped to do this job. that office looks at the ethical obligations of lawyers. the office of legal counsel has historically played the time-honored role of dealing with these very complex, thorny legal issues, and in most of history they have got their right. unfortunately during the bush administration, they miss the boat. but looking back through history, some of our most prestigious lawyers, finest lawyers have come from that office both democrats and republ
have, the power of the federal government that seems to be a very prevalent in the obama administration. guest: jamie, you ask a very central question. i hope all americans as that. we see that massive change in the power -- be asserted power of the federal government in a host of ways. i think people will have to decide in that days ahead what kind of country we want to be -- a country that accepts the risks and responsibilities of freedom are those who would trade that for the very false security of dependence on each other till the money runs out. this is one of several contexts. we have seen takeovers of the housing industry, the banking industry, the auto industry, the student loan industry, and now an attempt in the case of health care. i really hope that we step back from this and ask ourselves, is that the way to succeed? is that the kind of country we want to turn over to our children, and by the way, how could can we possibly feel about turning over a massive leak unsustainable debt and cost burden to those young people coming up? i think that you have framed a very important
, the ft. hood community is searching for a way to move forward. president obama is set to attend a memorial service there tomorrow. >> i think we're entering a new phase here and this is where i'm most concerned as a commander of ft. hood and that has to do with this healing phase. >> tomorrow's memorial is expected to play a role in the start of the healing. faly members of all 13 people killed in that attack will be part of the service. they'll meet privately with president obama beforehand. wounded and their families will also be recognized. >>> here in our area, investigators be are looking into a possible connection betwe between nidal and hasan. the former imam. julie carey joins us from  fairfax county with more on this. >> reporter: spiritual leaders are hoping that their words will fan off what is threatening their mosque. condemning their writings of a former imam here now who is praising the former ft. hood shooter as a hero. >> reporter:s it's second time has visited the mosque, one the largest islamic nations in the nation. now federal investigators want to see if
] >> it is indeed a honor and a great personal privilege to be here on behalf of president obama and the united states of amera. >> and the u.s. was reprented by secretaryf state hillary inton who after her own speech introduced a video message. >> let mentroduce a message from president barackobama. >> today there are still those wh live within t walls of tyranny, human bngs who are died the very human rights th we celebra toda and that ishy this day is for them as much as it is for . it is for those who belve even in th face of cynicismnd doubt and pression, that walls can truly come down >>he german chaellor angela merkel gave psonal memorie fm 20 years ago. as a germa she crossed the border in 1989 >> for me it was one of the most joyful days of my life. anladies and gentlemen, it was a pivota time o change. that'something that w kw today, that brought closer together germany, eope, and indeed the whole world. [cheers] >then along a stretch where the walls had once stood, a line of dominoes mbolized w that barrier had crumbled. form solidarity leader lech walesa set off the dominos showg ho
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